The COVID-19 Effect Continues!


Nova East 2021 has once again been cancelled!

Mark Your Calendar for Nova East 2022August 26-28, 2022

Atlantic Canada's Longest-Running Star Party

Organized by the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, Halifax Centre and the Minas Astronomy Group

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The 2021 Nova East Star Party was once again cancelled as a camping event due to COVID-19.



2021 Astroimaging Contest Winners viewable in the Photo Contest section:  

DS_02 Andromeda Galaxy - Andromeda Galaxy Jason Dain Winner Deep Sky
SS_01 ISS Solar Transit - Jason Dain Winner Solar System
WF_01 Milky Way and Moon - Jason Dain Wide Field Winner
WF_04 Touching the Cosmo - Chris Kelly Winner of the Peoples Choice Award